The Norm and the health care framework agreement are due to enter into force as of 1 April 2018

The Contract contains a series of provisions aimed at increasing the access of insured persons to medicines and medical services. It also intends to reduce bureaucratic impediments and to make the services of medical care providers more transparent. These changes include:

  • Beginning 1 July 2018, insured patients will be able to obtain medication with or without a personal contribution from any pharmacy in the country under contract with the health insurance system. The current regulation requires that a pharmacy must be under contract with the same health insurer as the prescribing physician. However, this new provision will only be applied to drugs covered by the cost-volume contracts;
  • The package of basic medical services for insured people will include new services that will be offered by the family physicians;
  • Patients with a confirmed diagnosis who are included in the National Oncology Program will be able to present themselves to the hospital without an internment ticket;
  • Physicians with prescription rights must comply with the therapeutic protocols to prescribe a medication. If there is no approved therapeutic protocol, the physician may prescribe the medicine if consistent with the therapeutic indications, dosage, and contraindications for the medication until a protocol is approved; and
  • Sanctions applicable to suppliers have been revised.

The Official Gazette no. 271 of 28 March 2018 published the applicable norms of the health care framework agreement.

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