The Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration (MRDPA) is seeking to simplify the administrative procedures for obtaining a building permit

On 12 August 2016, the MRDPA published a legislative proposal to amend the methodological norms for the implementation of Law no. 50/1991 on authorizing construction works (Proposed Order).

The amendments’ aims include correlating the references of the methodological norms to certain articles of Law no. 50/1991, currently repealed. There is also an effort to coordinate the principal responsibilities of the specialized bodies involved in authorizing the execution of building works.

One of the most important amendments under the Proposed Order refers to the implementation of online submissions for documentation related to the preliminary endorsements required for obtaining the planning certificate. Documentation will be transmitted via the e-government system implemented by the electronic point of single contract (PCU). This system will be established in accordance with the provisions of European Directive 2006/123/EC and will apply to authorities previously registered with the PCU.

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