New obligations for natural gas producers and other operators in the energy sector

To comply with European Regulations, the President of the National Regulatory Authority for Energy issued a new order regarding the transmission of informing to the Authority about the composition and pressures of gaseous fuels used in Romania.

This order establishes a procedure indicating who needs to communicate the required information to the regulatory authority and what exactly the transmission should include. The persons who need to inform the regulatory authority are the natural gas producers, natural gas storage operators, transmission and system operators, natural gas distribution system operators, and holders of supply licenses for different types of gaseous fuels. The information to be transmitted to the Authority must include the composition and pressures of different types of gaseous fuels used in Romania for appliances consuming gaseous fuels.

Order no. 84/2017 provides the legal framework necessary for the application of the pertinent EU Regulations, and it identifies the persons required to communicate this information, the situations exempted from this procedure, and it defines the terms used. In addition, the procedure contains the deadline for the notification and for transmitting any amendments to a previous notification.

The informing procedure applies to activities performed in 2016 by persons required to give notice.

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