ELENA STAN has an unusual story for a young lawyer. From an early age—even before beginning to study law—she knew what she wanted to do. Not that she started her legal career in the field where she believed that she belonged, but she’s found her way there. Along the way, she collected a variety of legal experiences, and now she’s working at Stratulat Albulescu doing what she was called to do. She’s an IP law specialist.

For Elena, the choice to enter into the study of law when she began college at the University of Bucharest wasn’t a hard choice. Once in, she pursued and furthered her studies in a broad variety of legal fields, going on to complete a master’s degree in private law and then another one in banking, insurance, and other business-related fields.

With a move between law firms, Elena had the good fortune of meeting and working with Ana Maria Kusak (now a partner here at Stratulat Albulescu). There Elena was able to work with and learn from an experienced IP practitioner. Even after Elena moved on to another firm, she stayed in touch with Ana Maria. When Elena began working as an independent practitioner, she also collaborated with Ana Maria.

Now both Elena and Ana Maria have joined Stratulat Albulescu, and Elena is delighted about the prospects that this firm provides her:

“The diverse, international array of clients with significant IP needs served by Stratulat Albulescu allows me to work on a range and complexity cases that I’ve always wanted.”

She has been a Bucharest Bar member since 2011.

  • Assisting an important Romanian company operating in the beverage industry on matters regarding conflicts between trademarks and Internet Domains;
  • Assisting an international confectionery producer on matters regarding trademark and design counterfeiting;
  • Assisting an important Romanian PR agency in matters regarding trademark, copyright and data protection issues;
  • Assisting an important Romanian company operating in the food industry regarding various commercial and IP-related issues, including managing its trademark portfolio and the registration of a European Geographical Indication;
  • Assisting a Romanian artistic representation company in various trademark and copyright issues, including drafting agreements for Romanian artists;
  • Assisting a Romanian IT start-up in matters regarding software patenting, copyright and trademark registration.

2012 – Master degree in Banking, Insurance Law, Business Law, Stock market, Taxation procedures and techniques – Nicolae Titulescu University

2011 – Master degree in Private Law – Law faculty, University of Bucharest

2010 – Law faculty, University of Bucharest

  • Intellectual Property

  • Spanish
  • French
  • English
  • Romanian

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