2016 Bucharest International Marathon – A runner’s perspective

In its relentless pursuit to prove itself as a worthy European capital, Bucharest has aligned itself to cities such as Amsterdam, Berlin and London by hosting an International Marathon. The ninth such race, held on October 9th, saw over 14,000 athletes, competing in the Marathon, half-Marathon and relay events. Supporters, friends, families and bystanders swelled the numbers attending, and even children had their own special event on the day prior to the main Marathon.

Bucharest International Marathon opens its arms to both runners and non-runners. International athletes are warmly welcomed, traffic is stopped for one day, athletes and supporters alike have the opportunity to see some of the most important landmarks in Bucharest, and for just one day we can all leave the crowded noisy city aside and experience the joy of movement.

On its own, running is a cathartic experience. It calms the mind and pushes the body. We all live in a stressed out world and sometimes business becomes an obsession and it’ IS hard to focus on ourselves. While running and training alone is where the mental magic usually happens, taking part in a huge competition is where one’s limits are thoroughly pushed. The sunny weather, the chilly yet pleasant temperature, the warmth of the volunteers, the cheering of friends, families and random strangers on the side, the nerves of the runners, the countdown to the start and the race medal: these are the heartfelt moments that defined the day for the runners.

We can only look forward to the 2017 race that will also mark the tenth anniversary of the event. Whether you are chasing a thrilling experience in a beautiful city, a different way to experience city-breaks, a personal record, a medal, or simply want to participate in something special as part of your bucket-list, make sure you join us.

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