SAA Business Opportunities in Romania: Market Overview 2017

As investors search around the globe for sound investment opportunities, Romania presents an attractive destination.

In our 2017 edition of Business Opportunities in Romania: Market Overview, we provide our assessment of the current state of the economy, infrastructure, and investment opportunities in Romania. We appreciate that our current clients, as well as potential investors, want to keep abreast of the big picture here. And because this big picture remains attractive, we know that current and future investors need access to a brief, dependable source of information about current conditions.

Our report begins with an overview of the current state of economic and financial, legal and regulatory, and infrastructure conditions in Romania. We then turn to an analysis of major sectors of the economy. While no one can claim to predict the future with high certainty, we endeavor to provide the best up-to-date information to help guide businesses and investors as they consider Romania as a place to do business or invest.


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