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January 9, 2017 in News

Construction Law and Urban Planning

Government Emergency Ordinance no. 100/2016 for amending the legal framework for urban planning and authorizing construction works Significant amendments to existing laws governing the authorization of construction works and in... Read More
December 23, 2016 in News

Delia Belciu and Alexandra Radu, Partners in our firm, recognized in the Legal Magazine

We are very proud to report that Legal Magazin magazine recently published articles on two of our lawyers. Our partner Alexandra Radu received recognition for her work in M&A, as... Read More
December 21, 2016 in News

Elections in Romania

On December 11, 2016, Romanians voted for representatives to Parliament for the following four years. The Social Democrat Party won a majority of seats. They will govern with ALDE party,... Read More
November 14, 2016 in Major representations, News

Stratulat Albulescu Attorneys at Law advises Automobile Dacia S.A. (Renault Group) on the largest single tenant office lease to have been executed in Romania

Stratulat Albulescu Attorneys at Law acted for Automobile Dacia SA part of the French Automotive Group Renault, in relation to the lease of a property development in Bucharest including a 39,000... Read More
November 9, 2016 in News

2016 Bucharest International Marathon – A runner’s perspective

In its relentless pursuit to prove itself as a worthy European capital, Bucharest has aligned itself to cities such as Amsterdam, Berlin and London by hosting an International Marathon. The... Read More


Our firm’s multi-disciplinary team of lawyers provides business advisory and dispute resolution services, helping clients to close transactions and plan and manage their business operations more effectively. Our lawyers are experts in practice areas such as corporate and M&A, real estate and urban planning, contract law, competition law, banking and financing, insolvency, tax law, labour law, public procurement, intellectual property, environment law, energy law, infrastructure, insurance and transport law, as well as in regulatory matters in all relevant areas.

Business Advisory

  • Banking and Project Financing
  • Competition Law
  • Contract Law
  • Corporate
  • Data Protection & Privacy
  • Intellectual property and IT
  • TMT, Consumer Protection and Advertising

Dispute Resolution

  • Civil & Commercial Law
  • Arbitration
  • Insolvency
  • Administrative Contentious and Competition Law

Language Experts

All our attorneys are proficient in English and are fully capable of providing excellent legal assistance in English due to both the very strong emphasis we place on our team reaching excellence in this regard, and also the many years of experience most of our attorneys have in working in English with foreign clients and law firms.


Our spanish office

Our lawyers have a long-standing history of providing legal advice to highly successful Spanish companies investing in Romania. In order to meet the needs of our Spanish clients, we have built a dedicated Spanish Desk specialized in serving Spanish companies doing or planning to do business in Romania.


Recent publications

December 23, 2016 in Legal Highlights

Civil and Commercial Law

Legislative proposal for a new procedure for summonses for payment of undisputed debts. On November 7, 2016 a legislative proposal was registered with the Chamber of Deputies regarding the procedure... Read More
December 21, 2016 in Legal Highlights

Construction Law

Law on approving the Government Ordinance no. 22/2014 for modifying and supplementing Law no. 50/1991 on authorizing construction works An amendment to existing laws governing the authorization of construction works... Read More
December 20, 2016 in Legal Highlights

Public Procurement and PPP

Romania adheres to the civil law practice of drawing a distinction between public contracts and private-public partnerships (PPPs). Public contracts involve agreements such as concessions and public procurements. In these,... Read More
December 19, 2016 in Legal Highlights

Law on reduction of food waste

Law no. 217/2016 about reducing food waste has been published and will come into effect on 21st of May 2017. This new law defines food waste as the situation when... Read More
December 18, 2016 in Legal Highlights

New Law for the tobacco industry in Romania

Beginning March 17, 2016 Romania banned smoking in closed public places, closed spaces in workplaces, on public transportation and in playgrounds for children. The President of Romania has now promulgated... Read More
November 8, 2016 in Legal Highlights

The legal profession – an enhanced degree of protection

The legal profession will be regulated by new terms of professional conduct, as well as enhanced protection granted by the law. In October, the legislative proposal regarding the amendment of... Read More
November 7, 2016 in Legal Highlights

Prevention Mechanism in respect of Conflicts of Interest in Public Procurement Procedures

The Romanian Parliament has recently issued a new law regarding the setup of a prevention mechanism in respect of conflicts of interest in public procurement procedures. The new provisions regulate the prevention... Read More
November 6, 2016 in Legal Highlights

Clarifying certain legal matters regarding dismissal decisions transmitted by e-mail

In October, the High Court of Cassation and Justice ruled on a dismissal transmitted by e-mail. Consequently, it is now allowed that individual dismissal decisions can be communicated by email, which... Read More
November 5, 2016 in Legal Highlights

Amendments on the status concerning the free movement of Romanian citizens abroad

The Romanian Border Police is enforcing new provisions regarding Under Age Romanians leaving the country. Under Age Romanian citizens being accompanied to a domicile/residence abroad, will no longer require a... Read More
November 4, 2016 in Legal Highlights

New steps towards increasing reusing and recycling activities

To ensure the correct and complete incorporation of Directive 2008/98/ EC on waste into internal Romanian legislation, Law no. 211/2011 regarding waste treatment was amended by a Government Emergency Ordinance.... Read More

Corporate Social Responsibility

In addition to the fulfilment of our duties to clients in an exemplary way, our firm also takes its corporate and social responsibilities very seriously. We feel that it is our duty to do as much as possible to ensure that we give something back to society and, as such, we seek to set and maintain the very best business and personal conduct practices, which would, in our opinion, contribute to improving work and social conditions.

Our firm welcomes partnerships, work engagements or any type of collaborations, regardless of gender, ethnicity or religion. We value diversity and we take pride in our ability to merge people with different backgrounds and ideas into a solid, top-performing team.

Our entire team bases its practices on this set of core values and responsibilities, which we view not just as a behavioural routine, but as a moral imperative.